Tuesday, April 29, 2008


(Originally written April 15th)
So berlusconi is in again. Shit. I didn’t have much faith in the intelligence of the human race to start with now what little if did have I have totally lost. I know nothing of politics, I can’t even tell you who he replaced or even where he is in the right centre left thingy. But what I do know is that when he was in power before things got radically worse. Those that took over from him have just started to sort things out and now he’s back again lining his own pockets and making laws to get him richer and freeing the way so that his criminal activities become legal. If ever I wished somebody dead it is him. And before anyone starts going on about the fact that I don’t vote, I can’t vote in italy anyway.
I am ashamed to be a member of the human race. This man is corrupt beyond belief. Italians are imbeciles (apart from those who didn’t vote berlusconi of course). Greed greed greed – that’s where it begins and that’s where it ends.
However, I don’t read the newspapers, I don’t watch TV, I refuse to discuss current affairs and I ignore the absurd goings on in the world as much as I can. Having seem some of the comments on vital issues like global warming, pollution and population nothing surprises me anymore. I’ll do what I can but man is fundamentally ignorant, blind and stupid and it’s just a pity he’s going to take all us misanthops with him too otherwise good ridance.
So the day after the last blog we had terrific rain so much so that it has washed an enormous tree out. More wood to cut. The sun came out today and the grass has grown from ankle to knee heights in 2 days. Spent most of my free time to day watching a pair of overgrown sparrows with hooked beaks moving twigs from one place to another (Ospreys on the Lock Garten webcam) and gazing off into the distance. Fascinating though. Why can’t the Italians do something like that? Why can’t life be like that? Just sitting on your nest and gazing off into the distance. Lovely.


We just seem to want to cock out lives up. I was listening to a prog to day dealing with the vast quantities of money wasted by packaging agricultural products. The farmers get paid 7 cents a kilo for carrots. Today in the shop, 1 euro 90 per kilo. All the rest is distribution, packaging and profit. They did a breakdown about how much one kilo of carrots polluted the planet. It’s frightening. The upshot is that more or less the product is just an excuse to sell the packaging. IT’S TRUE, IT IS SO TRUE. Today in the shop 250 grams of pre-packed ready grated carrot (I would never buy such a thing) 1 euro 10 cents. There must be three carrots in there. Three!!! 110 cents for three carrots! And people buy it, they really do, they buy it and dig their own graves at the same time. I’m not perfect myself when it comes to shopping but at least I try. At least I try to find out what is going on and use my noddle. Maybe I am pessimistic but have you seen the human race lately?
Anyway, I’m in a foul mood this evening so I’m staying off the forum tonight and had better shut up until I return to my usual self.
Just to finish with a tale of glorious stupidity, when we were in England my semi-daughter (lived with mother who already had 2 kids), without my permission, came with her boyfriend and started playing silly buggers on our tarzan swing. Our swing is a serious swing. 25 metres of serious. So she being infatuated and he being a total pratt sometimes they went on the swing, together, and fell off from 20 meters just missing fallen trees and rocks below. She smashed her jaw. She came out of theatre yesterday and all seems to be well and now at 18 she has two rubber bands in her mouth, double fixed external brace and a permanent plate running the length of her jaw. How friggin stupid can you get? I’m going to have to cut the rope now in case anyone else decides to have a go.
A month ago they drove up to the next village, in the dark at high speed on a narrow road and in a bend he lost control. The speed was such that they ploughed through the ditch at the side of the road and ended up right in the middle of the field. Car written off more or less. The kids didn’t have a scratch. Last week he did a wheelie on his motorbike while she filmed him, close up, from the car behind on the main provincial road running up the valley, during the rush hour.
When i am made dictator of italy (i'm now considering attempting dicatator of europe) all cars will be fitted with a tamper-proof device limiting the top speed to 130 kph (that'll stick a carrot up the bum of the audi and BMW drivers!!). Until you have 5 years of driving experience the device would limit you to 80 kph. Bikes must be painted flourescent yellow and have a top speed of 80 kph. Pehaps i'm ott but some things seem to me to be so obvious. But this subject needs a blog entry all of its own. Some day!! Bed.

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