Tuesday, April 29, 2008

India Bharti

(originally written in march)
What a great, absolutely great evening. I was checking out some hawkwind vids on you tube after wandering out of the valley when the words india bharti wandered into my brain. This is a guy i have been searching for for years. I've even had friends asking around for him in stralia. But he's a wanderer and i never found him. Then after some years i gave up and convinced myself that he was just a dream. Until tonight.
I found a videoclip on you tube, very short but that's my man.
if you're interested.
This guy is the tops. So then i though there might be some info on the net and lo and behold the guy has his own bloody website.
with, and get this, all his albums on it. Jeez, and i didn't even know he had a single album let alone 7 of them. Anyway if anybody likes the youtube clip try his streamng video 'Post nuclear bomb babies' on his site. Sound quality is shite but man what music. I'd sell all me bagpipes and anything else i own to get my hands on his instrument. To hell with the gracenotes and kilts, give me a dhoti and that instrument and you won't see me for dust.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, india bharti made also a great movie about the Kumbh Mela in Alahabad 2001. You can get it through his website. Greetings