Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hummingbird Hawk-moth

Photo from wikipedia

I have been trying to photograph or film the Hummingbird hawk-moth for years. Today I managed. It’s my favourite insect of all time but it moves so fast that I’ve never been able to capture one on film before. The film is pretty rubbish and lasts only a few seconds but gives and idea of this beautiful creature. I seem to remember it feeds on bedstraws and madders of which I think we have quite a lot. I’ll take a look round (botany is definitely my strong point) to see later today.
Pity they don't get bigger - they are lovely huggable creatures just a bit too small to enable you to do so successfully though.
Up till now, when you see one (and they are seemingly not that rare here), by the time you have got the camera or vidcam the pesky critter has zoomed off somewhere else only to return when you have put the camera away - somewhat like the roe deer then!! Anyway, here's the film.


Anonymous said...

I had one of those in the garden the year before last - arrived at dusk to sup from the delphiniums - amazing creatures :-)


Woozle said...

I didn't know they got as far north as you. Could this be global warming?
by the way, you are the first to leave a comment - thanks!!! xxx
apart from paolino below but he doesn't count as he's here.