Sunday, May 11, 2008


My daughter drinks from the bidet just like our dog.

In fact the similarities don’t end there. They are both usually dirty, they both get into places they shouldn’t, they steal food and will put in their mouths and chew anything no matter how revolting. Neither of them knows what danger is, or has the slightest inkling about height or falling or death and neither will respond to any known command no matter what tone of voice is used. They will both lie down on the floor and poke their respective noses and muzzles under furniture to get at balls and if, whilst doing so, they find a bit of pasta or a dead moth, both will gobble them up with relish. Both of them are always under your feet and obsessed by food and cuddles and have two general states; dead to the world under a tree somewhere or in perpetual motion. They squirm and wriggle if you try to pick them up and make a lot of noise at night when you are trying to sleep, refuse food if it is not what they want or up to their incredibly high standards and go to the toilet whenever they want and wherever they want and hang the consequences. Then there’s the howling and recently, panting. And to top it all both chase cats though admittedly one is a bit slower than the other. Other than that the only major difference I’ve noticed so far apart from the number of legs and the fur, is that the howler is not as susceptible to ticks.

Next up: the similarities between the wife and Idi Amin


pomonauk said...

"Next up: the similarities between the wife and Idi Amin"



Woozle said...

You'd be surprised Pomona, medals and all.xx