Sunday, July 13, 2008

diet uptdate

So, for the doubting Thomases...
Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Despite the fact that i went out to dinner last night and actually ate food (healthy food though), this morning i am 75 kg. 5 kg to go. That's 5 kg in 13 days (or 7 if you count the two from the barbecue weekend). The love handles have more or less dried up, the tummy is going down too slowly for my taste (though soon i am confident that i will be able to post a photo of it for public scrutiny) and the weight is probably coming of my bum which will soon resemble that of the howler. If it gets any smaller i'm going to have difficulty sitting down and remaining upright.
I think i am in an excellent position to diet. Heat and hard work seem to be the right path for me. I drink gallons but apart from last night with a glass of homemade stout only water has passed my lips (beaagh! spit! spit!). Fruit is of course in season so i'm eating a lot of that too. If i had kept on the original path i would have been 70 kg by now i'm sure but Laura pointed out that i'd just put it all back on again twice as fast when i stopped the diet so now i am going much slower and although i am usually reasonably hungry i'm not keeping myself at stomach rumbling levels.
Apparntly this stomach shrinking stuff is a load of nonesense and that it's just that you feel fuller quicker. Yesterday at dinner i would normally have eaten 4 times the amount of food but i felt reasonably satiated much earlier and that coupled with not wanting to exceed (two bowls of homemade ice-cream though) meant that i stopped before popping.
Laura has helped too because she forgot to put the sugar in the plum jam and this batch just tastes of plums which is great because i can spread it on my toast in a layer thicker than the 1mm i have been.

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