Monday, November 3, 2008


Went out this morning under the weirdest sky. If I had been a 16th century religious nut or a stone age hunter I’d have shot straight back into my house/cave and huddled under a blanket/skin quivering. It was just like that sort of light you get during an almost total eclipse of the sun. What it actually was I think was a thin band of low cloud around about the 1500m mark extending out of the valley with the sun risen just above it making the sky a yellowy orange but only reflected through the clouds. The result was a darkish but orange tinged valley with a light sky as though the gods had just got up for brekker and switched all the lights on up there. To make it even more strange in the sky there were lots and lots of crows all flying silently up the valley and on the ground hundreds of hyperactive tits (coal, great, long-tailed, blue) bouncing about in the trees with the wrens clicking in agitation and the robins clicking in agitation and the jays racing about cawing and with the autumn colours adding to the orangey light it was really a homely, friendly feeling. A nice way to start the day I feel and with the howler in a good mood dressed in a flower rain coat (she looks just like a flower) and not having had to fight to get her to brush her teeth it promises to be a good day too.

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