Thursday, December 11, 2008

dead children

Now I’ve probably gone on about this somewhere before. If so sorry. But some things are worth repeating and last night I had a terrible dream full of dead children and me getting sentenced to community service (obviously more frightening to my subconcious that prison) for beating up one of the mothers at the playschool. Yesterday was day of snow, darkness, icy roads and more than usual if that is possible, imbeciles behind the wheel. While I was waiting for howler’s mum to take the howler to playschool two cars drew up. One had the two year old child on the front passenger seat, no seatbelt, mother either. The other had the two or maybe three year old child standing up on the back seat one hand on the driver’s seat one on the passengers. Most days of the week I see this and with frightening combinations. Mother with seat-belt fastened, child on front seat without, older kid in back seat with seat belt on, little child on granny’s lap on front seat with no seat belt on. Then there is one I see quite regularly with two unbelted kids and who I once followed with one of them rolling about on the parcel shelf of their massive jeep. Another doting mother I see quite often and usually leaves her two kids in the car with the engine running while she takes the smaller one into the playschool. I usually hang about near the car for this one, just in case. The frightening thing is not that the kids are at risk, I mean, once there were sabre toothed lions taking care of natural selection, if an imbecile mother splats her child that one less future cretin in the gene pool. No the frightening thing is how people can be soooooo ignorant. How do people not realize and how come the authorities do absolutely nothing? I have a suggestion, instead of fining these parents (if anyone can be bothered to stop them that is), why not sterilize them! I just can’t believe that people can be so ignorant. It’s beyond me, it really is. How can you fasten your own seat belt and not think about fastening that of the child you supposedly love? What complex mechanism is at play here? Do people not know about what happens to an object traveling at speed in a car when the car suddenly stops? Have they never had a box of tissues or some other object fly forward off the parcel shelf? Have they no imagination? Tiny little bodies flying through a hard and sharp windscreen to splat themselves on the road or the back of the car in front, is that too hard to imagine? It makes me so mad. It makes me want to drag the parents out of the car and slap them about with a brick, women too, until they realise (hence the nightmare I suppose). And the authorities ffs, W-A-K-E U-P!! What are you doing? Italy is lax about everything. They make stupid laws, the new one is everyone has to have their headlights on all the time (belusconi probably has an uncle with a failing headlight bulb business or something) but never enforce them. It’s a joke. Every week the news just loves telling you how many splatted bodies there have been and glorying in showing pictures of pools of blood mangled iron but nobody seems to do anything about it or even really care that much. Well at least they’re honest I suppose. So Italy, to put it in terms you understand, do you really want to get some serious money in to your coffers? Well give me a burly well-armed policeman, a fast, unmarked car and let me loose on the roads. I will single handedly bring about law an order and at the same time make you zillions in fines.

And one other thing while I am here. How come bus drivers are allowed to use their mobile phones whilst driving? Which parliamentary fuckwit dreamed that up? Perhaps we should allow them to drink too, maybe even fit holders for their grappa to the dashboard and maybe even fit them a TV too so they can watch emilio fede (buslusconi’s bumwipe) whilst driving. Well while we’re at it, why don’t we allow everyone to have a little TV on the windscreen so they can watch it whilst gunning their weapons at high speed around the streets?! Oh, no, I forgot, most people have them already, what is it they’re called, sat-navs??!! That’s funny isn’t it, you can’t have a mobile phone but you can have a sat-nav. Obviously the people in the sat-nav business have higher connections than those in the mobile phone business.

Right, off to console myself with a cup of (probably) chemical hot chocolate courtesy of Cadbury’s.


Anonymous said...

I DO know what you mean (I blogged about this too), and it's the same bloody thing here daily! Too many people wrapped up in their own worlds and can't wait to dump their kids off at school or with Nonna for the whole day.
You want the policemen to actually do their jobs and stop these people?? Don't make me bloody laugh! If you want to ever find a Policeman, you'll find him in the nearest Trattoria or Bar, feeding his big gob with freebies! You might even see a squad car parked at the side of the road, but that's only because they've decided to stop to chat to a pal instead of noticing the 50 thousand road violations that are going on around them! What amazes me, is that drivers see these squad cars form a distance, yet they don't give a hoot! Probably half of them have policemen in their pockets. They know that they aren't going to get stopped! And when these Carabinieri have to prove that they've actually done some work that day, they decide to casually stop a few cars, book them for silly things and then they're off the clock.


Woozle said...

I had thought of writing to the papers/comune etc. then i though wtf, why bother. It sure does get me annoyed though. I wrote a blog about the UK but didn't publish it because it was a bit offensive but more or less the same thing is happening there too, they're addressing the manifestation of the problem but totally ignoring the root as this is too inconvenient.
gonna drink a bitter to cool the blood.