Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the funniest thing this year

Hahahahahaha! This has made my day. Now I am certain there is no hope for mankind and it’s sort of a relief as I can now die in peace. I’ve just seen an ad for a computer touch screen keyboard thingy where, wait for it, where…. “the touch pads have been designed to feel just like real keys”!!!!!!! Hee hee hee ha ha ha roARRR! Rolling about the floor clutching my sides and widdling my undies is an understatement. And they were serious. No really, they were actually serious.

I really must have one. A touch pad keyboard that actually feels like a real keyboard. If I had one of these I could spread contagious mirth throughout mankind. Wandering the planet with a pair of jesus boots, a touch screen to crease the world up. And of course it’s another Microsoft invention designed for wallies but really, Billy Connolly pales to insignificance when confronted with this. And of course hats off to the guys (a huge team no doubt) who manage to market this. They are my brothers and I love them. They have, like me, realised that basically the human creature is brain dead but unlike me, they are getting rich out of it.

Hats off indeed.

Woozle wipes a happy tear away and blows another bubble of mirth

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