Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wind damage

Well i took a look around at the wind damage. I'm going to have to sharpen the chain saw. Two unfortunate things. A month or so ago we carried a heavy 1000 liter caged water tank up from the bottom terraces and put it under the eaves of the roof behind the house. It has been picked up and hurled a hundred yards down the mountain and is now lower down and in an inaccessible position on the bottom terraces again. Grrr. In addition, double grrr, we have only one successful flower patch, only one place where we have been able to grow anything and keep it alive more than a week. Well the wind has picked up the diesel cannister, 25 litres of fuel in it, hurled it against the fence breaking it open and pouring the contents over the flowers. I doubt if anyting will grow there again in my lifetime. Grrrrrrr! Lots of fox, boar, deer, marten tracks in the field behind the house though which compensates a little and a single print of a badger too. I know martens and boar are common but i grew up in a place where there were none and they still hold a fascination for me. Trod in some dog poo and i can smell it on my shoe as i write so I am going to stop and clean it off.

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