Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama? I preferred bush

I’m having a hard time with all this. I really am gob smacked at how this obama crap is going down. Can people really be so unworldly that they still think a president makes any difference? Nobody catch the smell of rotting fish? I know I’m overly cynical, though I’d prefer to term it ‘realistic’ but as usual it’s just all too wonderful to be true. You want to know about obama? Just look deeply into his eyes! You want to know about Obama?. Just look at what happened BEFORE the inauguration and what powers were used to clear away the human debris and clear out the offices and buildings.

I have had the privilege to consciously live through 6 presidents - Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush again and to see all of them hailed as the harbingers of change without as I remember, seeing any. Well nothing substantial anyway. The one thing I remember though was that none of them were pacifists. Can’t remember Carter much so he might not have been so bellicose.

One of the advantages of age is you get to look back and remember Reagan with Libya, or ray-gun as we called him at the time, and old George in Panama, Clinton in Kosovo and so on. Presidents are just puppets and are variable and expendable. The constant is American policy. Just look how stupid bush is. That’s not president material that’s Andy Pandy material. That’s ‘I pull string, you dance’ material. Look how stupid they ALL were come to think of it.

What I can’t see is how it can even cross people’s minds that the weight of commercial and financial interests behind the US government façade doesn’t influence the president and his government. Of course it bloody does. Those interests far, far outweigh anything an Obama or a Clinton wants to do. America is out for gain. For profit. It always has been, why should things change now? Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course, but let’s for once just see it for what it is.

Obama is a non-white but he’s also a non-black, he’s certainly not a black president as people keep saying (even the blacks are saying he’s black) he’s not, he’s mixed. Very convenient whatever colour he is. Thus he can appeal to everyone. He’s young, he’s good looking and like all the others the huge hand of commercial greed is right up his bum. That’s not a smile, that’s a grimace. He’s a plant. At this point I prefer bush, at least with bush things were out in the open. With bush you KNEW he was a plant.

So what’s going to happen? Well as they all do he’ll start by doing things to please the unthinking masses, he’ll do what people want, saying he was closing Guantanamo was a good move for a start, look how many people he got behind him with that, then he’ll start sorting out the bleeding Palestinians and Israelis again, that’s always been good for public morale, then he’ll tackle the economy, but not TOO much though, he’ll bring in some new laws to please the people, as they all do and then one of two things will happen. When we’re all convinced Obamaists; there’ll be another or a series of huge fake terrorist attacks, either in the states or more likely in an allied country, probably the UK or Belgium (what better way to drum up support) and of course he’ll just have to invade somewhere and just have to curb our freedom even more using the terrorism tool. Does that sound familiar? That’s one possibility, the second, and much more likely in my opinion is he’ll be built up and up and then get assassinated by some dubious terrorist organization, something like the twin towers scenario (which they can’t repeat as it wouldn’t be credible, much better a popular president) and then full of outrage and with the ignorant public baying for blood behind them the government will invade [insert chosen country] and just have to curb our freedom even more using the terrorism tool. I hope I’m wrong. I would LIKE to be wrong. I give him less than a year. Don’t agree? Just wait and see but remember, you heard it first here on Woozle Radio. I’ve always fancied being interviewed on Larry King live.

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