Sunday, February 1, 2009

no birds

The gods are playing with me. I have carried around the camera all week with nothing to photograph at all. Then I leave the camera at home and this morning 7 roe deer roeing about in a herd in front of the car with a backdrop of fog on snow and a buzzard sitting on a horizontal branch just above them. Grrrrrr! Then earlier this week I started to compile a video of all the birds that I see every day. Spent a hour with the camera running from the kitchen door with nothing but a willow tit but as soon, and I mean as soon, as the battery flaked out, I glanced up and in the fork in a branch there is a falcon of some kind, all puffed up, ripping a willow tit to pieces. He sat there for ages until I dashed into the house to fix the cable to connect it to the mains, point the camera, switch it on….. and the birds shoots off. This sort of thing happens too often to be a concidence. I am disliked by the resident bird and animal population obviously though what I have ever done to them is beyond me.

Grrrrr again.


muireann04 said...

Magpies do this to taunt me ALL the time, my next tattoo will hopefully be 2 magpies, I have been trying to catch them in a photo for YEARS! They sit there taunting me and as soon as I get focus they are gone! Bl**dy things!

Woozle said...

They know. They know. They probably have special tweets or coughs or something to alert each other.