Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The swedish - you have to love 'em

Lebanese Swedes too.

I loved Sweden, I loved the peace and tranquillity and above all the Swedish good manners and quiet hospitality. I met some really lovely people in Sweden, tasted some lovely but expensive things and seen some wonderful places. I have camped wild legally and eaten cloudberries collected just by reaching out of my sleeping bag, had a family of quail run over my feet at three o’clock in the morning in perfect daylight, seen elk and gotten totally lost after taking only twenty paces off the track following an owl into the woods. I have cooked food on open fires in some of the loneliest country I have ever had the pleasure to be in, seen beaver from a canoe drifting in the twilight and stayed in a hutte as far away from civilisation as I could get in the middle of the woods with a mad Dutchman and his girlfriend only to find myself surrounded by a bunch of French ornithologists with walky-talkies. But above all I laughed a lot in Sweden and after seeing a completely mad film called Kops by Lebanese/Swedish director Josef Fares I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. It’s not a nostalgic film by any means in fact it’s totally wacky in a plodding sort of way, and everything in it seems to contrive to be funny and succeeds. It just seemed so Swedish, nice, clean fun (I bet the Swedes are thoroughly fed up with us foreigners summing the country up with the words ‘nice’ and ‘clean’ but it’s true) and it made me remember how much I enjoyed my brief time in Sweden. The story is really simple, a bunch of country cops have no crime to deal with and their station is going to get closed down so to save their jobs, they invent crime. So if every you get the chance to see this film, do take it because it really is worth it.

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