Sunday, March 8, 2009

a little light gardening

Living on the side of a hill like we do the top soil is too thin to be very productive so we’re having to terrace. But, as the guys in the 17th and 18th centuries have already taken every loose stone around to build the house we have no walling materials available and are having to take off the top soil, drill the rock out to make tanks and then back fill. We’re going to have to add lots of compost though to fill the terraces up. It’ll be a bit hard graft this year (wot again?!) but I’m sure the effort will be worth it.

The photos I think adequately demonstrate the how the hierarchy in my family operates. All wives should be allowed to garden with a pneumatic drill once in a while, it’s keeps them docile. Woozle sighs, ‘if only!!’ One in a billion my wife!

I’m keeping a diary of when I plant, instead of just bunging things in as is my wont, to see if the moon really does make a difference and I think we’re both agreed that the main summer plants are going to be courgettes, green beans and runnersas they’re easer to sell. We thought this year though that we’d free up space in the fenced veggie plot and plant beans around the courtyard in large pots as they are both decorative and great space fillers and judging by last year more productive in pots than in the earth. A few nasturtiums and courgettes at the base should make a nice display and might incite me to actually keep the courtyard plants alive.

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