Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A tragic life story

Now I know that the world has gone completely mad. For the first time in my life I have been dumbstruck and believe me that is something I never thought would happen. It happened in England. It happened in W.H. Smith of all places. Nowhere to be seen the usual shelves with books about humour, history and other intersting things. In their place books about TV personalities , TV personalities cooking stuff and books on cooking and TV personalities and celebrities and celebrities doing stuff other than cooking and even celebrities cooking. But moronic and sad though this fascination with TV personalities and celebs certainly is (the words 'get a life' spring to mind), there lurks something, dare i say it, even more morinic and just a tad more more sinister on the shelves of Britain's bookshops than celebritiy chefs. Are you ready? In this W.H. Smith there is a bookcase stacked with 7 shelves, each shelf about 4 feet wide full of books with one thing in common, one thing, one subject, one FRIGHTENING subject given away by the label at the top of the shelves; TRAGIC - LIFE - STORIES!!!!!!! Yup a WHOLE bookcase full of books about tragic life stories. And we are worrying about RECESSION???!!!

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