Friday, July 24, 2009

Worrying wasps

Such an odd thing. I have been attacked by wasps four times this afternoon. The attacks were totally unprovoked and two out of the three times I was sitting still. I have changed my clothes too between first angry attack and the other furious three so it can’t be the colour or me disturbing them. They just keep coming in for the attack and landing on my clothes and stinging away for all their worth. This was funny enough in itself (not actually having been stung) but now as I went to dump some stuff on the compost there were two wasps attacking the scooter, which is blue. You could see them really getting narked. Yet another has just gone for the dog and another still is trying to sting the cushioned headphones as I write. Wasp madness? Some unknown pollutant in the air that drives them crazy? Whatever it is, I’m staying in for a bit

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