Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well I’ve done yet another thing I never thought I would. I had a picnic. I mean a real one with blanket, kite, dog, ball, sleeping under tree and on a Saturday too. The first one since I was a kid as far as I remember. Admittedly it was in a fantastic position 1400 metres up overlooking the flatlands and overlooked by my second favourite mountain but the horror of it!! I’ve become normal. Unfortunately it was too hot and still for my beautiful red stunt kite so the howler missed out and so I did I. After lunch when wife was attempting to get howler to snooze under tree I took a hike up the mountain as part of my new fitness campaign. Actually it’s a very nice mountain because it’s only half an hour’s drive from the house, it’s not very high, only about an hour up from the picnic place but it has some amazing views and looks like a real mountain. It’s has a sort of pointy top which all mountains should have.

The view is from half way up the mountain looking down at the picnic spot under the solitary tree this side of the rocky outcrop. Not that you’re going to be particularly interested in exactly where the spot is but never mind, I’m having a day with little fantasy..

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