Friday, March 26, 2010

filming stuff

This filming lark is amazing. I’m getting quite enthusiastic and have decided to make a serious effort to try to improve my vids which shouldn’t be hard. I’m discovering that it’s not as easy as I thought though. I’ve been rather slapdash up to now, not so much with the editing, but with the filming. Wobbling all over the place because I couldn’t be bothered to take a tripod, moving around too much and my favourite, thinking I’m filming when I’m not.
I’m not a technological kind of guy so I’ve only just discovered that I can change the exposure settings on the videocamera. This makes night shots and low light shots possible. Jeez, all those missed occasions of night-time snowy, moonlit mountain scenes.. If I’d discovered this before  I wouldn’t have had to throw away so many decently framed shots because they were overexposed in the tremendous light conditions – fog and cloud on snow like on the last video up on Servin with Balders. So Tuesday is full moon so I think I’ll take a hike up Servin again but at night to see what comes of it.
I quite like trying to fit the film footage to the music and a lot of time is spent trying to find appropriate music but I think I might try something without music.
So the latest effort is below, minus most of the good stuff and as usual nothing much is happening. But It’s all good learning material. If I watch a week after I finish  it and think OMG this is terrible I then learn why it’s terrible and can maybe, that’s maybe, learn from my mistakes. We’ll see..

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