Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ueli Gegenschatz

I don’t do heroes but if I had to have a few, by law or something, I think Ueli Gegenschatz would be at the top of the list. I really admired this guy and loved reading about him and watching his videos and dreaming, above all dreaming. Lots of dreaming.

I’m always  months if not years behind the rest of the world as I don’t of course read the newspapers, watch TV, listen to the radio or do anything really to get information about anything it was a bit of a shock, me all content thinking that Ueli was out there doing his stuff, to find out he actually wasn’t because the  daft plonker went and got himself killed in November 2009 jumping off a building. I’m quite disproportionately upset. I mean I never met the guy and neither did I even really know much about him but he was the protatgonist in the best video I think I’ve ever seen, a video I’ve watched over and over and over and over, dreaming and wishing and imagining. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbUImz0PbLg 
He was a truly inspiring person. I don’t know if I’m sad or angry. Whatever, it’s certainly crapped up my week a bit.
Charming interview at TED here


Athena said...

I can understand that you are upset. He obviously left a great impression on you. Most people want to be remembered for something in this life. Let's face it, he was doing some pretty risky stuff.
We've all got to die some day of something. Let him inspire you still.

Athena said...

...I forgot to ask you what is happening with your blog? You write that it will be gone soon? I hope that you are not thinking of closing it down?

p.s. thank you for your lovely comments,dear. Much appreciated.

Woozle said...

hi ya,
nah, close the blog? Never!
I was testing for the umpteenth time to see if I can save each page as a web page so I can link to each blog instead of just to the whole blog.
I give up though. I'm just not cut out for computers. I don't even get the basic stuff. :-(((.
Comments were deserved, really. You have a fantastic blog.