Monday, July 26, 2010

Roof Mist

I’m ceaselessly amazed that despite my half a century on this planet and a third of that spent in this one tiny valley I keep seeing things I’ve never seen before. I love it.

We’ve been having really hot weather for ages and recently with temperatures in the upper 30s. Any rock you sit on is warm to the touch and at midday of course too hot to sit on.

This morning it rained really heavily. Our house is curved so from the balcony you can see  half of the roof. The rain was coming down so heavily that it was forming  quite a fine mist as it bounced off the stones and what was interesting was the incredibly thick mist that the cool rain on the hot stones was producing. So thick was it you could only just make out the snow-breakers on the roof which stand  25 cm high. This  mist, due to the air current coming down the mountain behind the house, just poured into the courtyard making that foggy too – a foggy courtyard surrounded by limpid woods. Amazing. It only lasted a few minutes hence no photo but it’s a phenomenon I’ve never seen before. The effect was rather like one of those dry ice machines they use to give graveyards an air of mystery because the mist just poured off the roof and went and sat in the courtyard which was also producing it’s own mist. I didn’t try it but I’m sure had I walked across the courtyards the mist would have swirled dramatically with my passing.


sbrt said...

Hey up woozle!
Cool photos

Steve(sburt from Lfto)

Woozle said...

Thanks Steve. Welcome to my blog.
Bit down on photos at the moment as work is getting in the way this week.