Monday, September 20, 2010

Wasp Spider

Found a wasp spider (Argiope bruennichi)  just outside the kitchen door. Beautiful creature and totally hamless if a little fearsome in appearance. In one of the photos you can also see the stabilimentum or web decoration (the zigzaggy ladder at the base of the web in the bottom photo). Its body was about 2.5 cm long. I had hoped it would make some more webs but a couple of days later we found it dead in the courtyard underneath the balcony. Suicide? Maybe it had family.


Vix said...

I see your (very pretty) wasp spider, and raise you a Spider Wasp!!

Woozle said...

You win. I'll send it to you in a box. I've never heard of a spider wasp. It looks nasty just like the wasp spider but is probably harmless too.

Vix said...

It's a wasp cannibal! It paralyses and munches of poor wee spiders! I hadn't heard of one until I spotted it either.... ewwww!