Friday, December 10, 2010

I think we should all be very grateful.. Wikileaks for this.  It's not even worth commenting on as it comments itself. Well done The Military, you have my utmost contempt . What a cowardly way to conduct a war.

Despite 50+ years on this planet the fact that people like these guys actually exist in real life still manages to surprise me (though getting to fly a chopper and shoot people is obviously great fun), but that people can actually justify and support these 'brave boys' kiling civillians and children disgusts and surprises me even more.


Palma said...

I saw the whole on Current TV and I was even more angrier. You already imagine that these things go on but when you actually see it...
The sad thing is, that it will probably be forgotten about soon enough (no longer being 'news'), whilst many still go unpunished and victims still suffer. To actually take some poor woman from a mental institution and to use her as a 'suicide bomber'! We have failed miserably.

I'm taking this opportunity to wish you all a joyful festive season.

Woozle said...

Thanks, and to you and your bunch.
We have failed miserably and unfortunately continue to worsen in our failings.