Friday, January 21, 2011

Inverted rainbow and sun dog!!

The oddest thing today about four thirty, an inverted rainbow almost vertically above my head like a gigantic smiley and a sun dog (parhelion) so bright that it was almost impossible to look at it. The sun dog lasted ten minutes or so but the rainbow well over an hour. There was also a faint trace (visible in the photo) of the parhelic circle and a partial 22° halo.


4 Winds said...

Amazing. I think the other sun is a 'sundog' formed by refraction through ice crystals in a thin high layer of cloud. Never seen one myself, but will one day!


Woozle said...

I put the correct term in. If I'd known at the time I could have looked for the other sundog.
It seems to be somewhat of an anomaly to have the two phenomena together, sundog and rainbow.
I hope you get to see one too. It's weird to see these things on skylines that you know so well.