Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yet another bloody blog

So after days, literally,  of Baldrick and myself hauling ourselves up and lowering ourselves down vertical bits of mountainside in the hunt for a particular prehistoric altar stone, elaborately carved on three sides which some years ago had apparently been broken and shoved over the edge of somewhere by the digger when they were widening the interestingly steep road up from the Nora, we managed this time to get Riccardo Dosio  up to identify the position it used to occupy as he was lucky enough to have seen it in position.
The only way up is by 4WD so we went up in the Kia which fortunately has a low roof so Baldrick who is a tall bugger and annoyingly always wants to walk everywhere, bashed his head repeatedly on the roof as I slammed the thing over the biggest rocks I could find and into the deepest channels. Deeply satisfying.
Thanks to Riccardo we found where the rock used to be and fortunately after very little I managed to find one half of it. And on a return visit Baldrick seemed to have found the other half or at least another deeply carved stone. As soon as the weather lets up a moment we can inspect them better. Both bits need turning over to see clearly though we’re going to have to figure out how, but the photos as is gives an idea of how deeply (unusually) carved they are.
Riccardo also showed us a couple of other locations we would never have found since the road widening. So well over a year since our heroic and dare I say productive exploits at the Augiard I’m back to recording positions, angles, alingnments and measurements again.  But this time I thought I’d do it on-line. So as the barefoot thing has drawn to a close with the snow covering all  my various barefoot stomping grounds I’ve started yet another blog listed top right on this page under the inventive title ‘My Other Sites’. I’ve called the blog Woozle’s Rock Carving Compendium but agree it does sound a little like a junior school project.. No matter. It’s the content that counts, not the packaging. Or have I got that wrong?
I’ve put some stuff up already though I’ve still got to write the intro but will eventually get round to it as soon as I get a moment. I’ve got so much stuff it’s going to take ages to get it all sorted out and online but  now the summer is over and the bad weather sets in I should have more time.

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