Tuesday, January 31, 2012


School run on tractor
Monday morning was school so up bright and early to haul the kids on one bob pulled by Wife and the tractor battery hauled my me in snow shoes on another to open the path down to the car. Snow by this time about 40cm. Lost mobile phone in snow when I fell over. When we got to the car I started to clean it up and add water to the radiator while Wife hiked the kids down to the school. Of course as the local authority hadn’t gritted the road as soon as I got to the steepest bit found my way blocked by two cars trying to get up. Couldn’t phone wife as didn’t have phone. Nightmare. We couldn’t even stand up to push the cars on the road it was that icy.
Eventually we go the kids to school and I met up with the wife and we went in search of someone to charge the tractor battery and someone to repair the 4x4.
Regular mechanic couldn’t do the 4x4 so he sent us to a colleague. On the way down we stopped by to buy more chains for the 2WD. Unfortunately wife notices we have  a puncture so after spending 39euros on chains we spent an hour and a half at the tyre repair place to get the tyre mended (the spare is one of those stupid mini wheels, bollocks to you Fiat). Down to new mechanic to be told no as because of the usual pathetic attempt at a transport strike last week everything is clogged up for at least a week. Back to the mechanic to tell him and get battery tested. Battery pronounced dead so it’s back to the shop to get a new one for 125euros.
Fitted chains and off we go right up to where the temporarily 2WD 4x4 couldn’t go. Dragged new battery and battery charger, 98euros, on sledge back up to the house. Found phone on kitchen table. Nice when something goes right.
Dug out and fitted four chains to tractor, put in new battery and off we go with our home made snow plough to clean the track. Dog runs with eyes closed and smacks into tree. Scooped up dog, parked tractor, took car with new chains down to village.
Dog runs with eyes closed
Because the schools are run by imbeciles the both the schools we are interested in sending daughter to have their presentations on the same day at the same time. Well thank your for your consideration. So down to Pinerolo to get Flo to baby sit while wife gets kids from school. Then wife to one meeting and me to another. Then leave 4x4 in village and drive kids up, onto tractor and off we go back home while ploughing the track. Easy no?

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