Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Terror flashpoint...

From the beloved British Boredcasting Craporation - “Global terror potential flashpoints in 2012
Britain's hosting of the Olympics this summer will, we are told, see "the biggest security operation in this country since the Second World War". Some 13,500 military personnel will be on duty, a Royal Navy helicopter-carrying warship will be docked near the venue, ground-to-air missiles will be deployed and RAF Typhoon fighters will be on standby to provide air defence. None of which should be needed, if all goes to plan. But the Olympics are classed as a "trophy target" for anyone looking to damage Britain and security preparations are being made on the basis of the national terrorist threat being at "severe", the second highest level in a table of five.”

I had to share this in case anybody managed to miss it, best snigger I've had all year. With a very noticeable and distinct lack of actual european and american terrorism  hitting the headlines over the last 10 years, made even more distinct and noticeable despite this terrorist void thanks to the continual baseless scaremongering by the media, the BBC’s ‘terrorist hotspots 2012‘ made me laugh.  If you want to go to have a holiday in some parts of Africa, go ahead with my blessing (natural selection and all that), maybe you’ll find a bit of terrorism there, but to include the UK in the terrorist hotspot list is just laughable. Is calling yourself a ‘trophy target’ not just a wee bit presumptuous, a wee bit like giving yourself airs and graces? Seriously, does anybody outside the tabloid reading part of the UK really believe that people are still bothered by the UK anymore? Save your money you government imbeciles.  Try using it to give a new-year’s bonus to some of the poorer OAPs or maybe try training some more medial personnel with it so that my mother doesn’t have to wait three months to get an x-ray.
“...anyone looking to damage britain”???!!!  Don’t make me laugh. Instead of worrying about imaginary terrorists worry about the real bloody government which has damaged the country and killed and caused suffering  far more and far more thoroughly that any act of terrorism could ever do. Or worry about the 13,500 friggin’ trained killers let loose on the city; I’d be worrying more about them than the bloody terrorists, that is of course if they actually allow them to carry weapons. Mind you, thinking about it,  much better have these 13,500 soldiers, warships and aircraft faffing around the UK than blasting the lives out of poor  peasants in afghanistan or somewhere.
Sport! Phua! (Spits copiously on the ground). Pity the mother wasn’t a sports woman maybe someone would sit up and take notice then.

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