Monday, February 27, 2012

Why I don't vote

@Lighthouseman62 (to everyone else, sorry it's just a personal dispute)
‘how do I think I have the right to complain when I don’t vote?’. Well sorry but what a stupid question. You yourself said that the government  is just a bunch of crooks. So how exactly did they get there? I didn’t vote them in, YOU DID, you and all the people like you who voted. I don’t want any of them there. I didn’t vote any of them in  yet unless I’m mistaken  what you’re telling me is you vote these ‘crooks’ in and I can’t complain. How on earth does that work then?
So no I have never voted and almost certainly never will. Why? Because I refuse to vote myself into subservience and servitude. I have never given my consent to be governed and I repudiate the whole concept. I don’t mind being organised, a degree of organisation is essential, but governed no. And though of course at present I have no choice in the matter I especially do not want to be governed and ruled over by politicians who despite being our servants, our representatives, act like we are their servants.
These arrogant pricks even go so far as to presumptuously bestow upon themselves grandiose titles (nothing honourable in a right-honourable) as if they were in some way better than the people they would rule, believing they have the right to exercise control over me by abusing the force of law and who imperiously believe that this justifies granting themselves ridiculously high salaries and bonuses which I have no choice but to pay. And then they have the audacity to claim governance over me because they have a historical fiat and a  mandate from the sightless and the brain dead. No way.  I mean, what word do we use to describe their rule? Power. Read it over to yourself again, Power -  ‘the conservatives are in power again’, ‘a power struggle’. WTF! That’s frightening and  should be enough to put any moderately thinking person off. But instead everyone accepts it as normal. Holy fuck, people even defend it! Defend it and even get angry defending it but still complain because the administration sucks on every level. What a joke.
This is my friggin’ world  yet I have no say in its running because, unfortunately my friggin’ world is also over-populated by historically blind and voluntarily subservient sheeple, obsequious and servile for the most part who for some stupid friggin’ reason continue to do exactly the same thing over and over again election after election always, always hoping for or even expecting a different result and believing even, that yes there can possibly be radical change, like pigeons in a skinner box pecking away and every now and again getting a measly reward,  just enough to keep them interested. For years this insane blind addiction has been going on. “Politicoholic addiction” as someone called it, with the same damaging results for themselves as for everybody else. You don’t cure your chronic cirrhosis of the liver brought about by drinking four liters of Barbera wine per day for years by changing to drinking four liters of Dolcetto instead, that’s insanity. So why do the voting masses still insist on doing precisely that? Still voting over and over again despite being fully aware that government is and has always been run by an arrogant, inflated, self-important  bunch of lying, thieving bastards with anything but your welfare or the welfare of your country or (more importantly) the world at heart. Year after year, over and over again voting the same corrupt incompetent parties and often the same corrupt incompetent people who as I said, don’t,  never have and never will give a damn about you, your life, your problems. Stop for fuck’s sake. Wake up. Look at their track record. Look what you are losing.
Its humiliating and saddening to see  people ‘nobly’  (your word, not mine) voting themselves into servility then scrabbling about on the floor for the crumbs that their elected leaders (that those same people themselves elected remember) choose to throw them. They give you the crumbs of a welfare state, the crumbs of a health service, crumbs of education, pensions, transport, infrastructure, social security, just the crumbs of  what could so easily be a fragrant cake large enough to satisfy everyone in equal measure and you only whine about it and give them more money? By voting these arseholes you are saying that it’s OK for them to do this, you are giving them the mandate they need, you are giving your explicit consent to a cancerous process that eats away the tissue of society. Leaders [sic] that are removing your freedoms and security, ruining your world in order to bolster unworkable, unsustainable  or damaging projects that only serve to line the pockets of these elected, and thus legalised, criminals. 
Time to wake up to the fact that democracy is bollocks; it’s a ridiculous system which should be limited to brief periods of transition from something worse to something better not a be all and end all. North Korea needs democracy, Saudi arabia needs democracy, most of Africa could probably benefit from a little democracy. But Europe? Time for Europe to move on, to progress but it never will if people like you keep voting these toe-rags in.  It’s a system that the toe-rags want. It works permanently for them but for you it stopped working  decades ago if it ever did in the first place. Now, as it is it’s just a pacifier, a mouldy teat full of rancid milk for the masses to suck on so they don’t bleat so much. We, don’t live in what you think of as a  democracy, never have, we simply live in an economic dictatorship disguised as a democracy. So sure go ahead and protest when your elected leaders do what they want instead of what you want or what is right or ethical, wave banners and flags, if it’s a flag of some political party so much the better, smile at the cameras to show you’re having a jolly good time, chant the same pathetic inti-illimani style slogans people have been chanting probably since the first pompous jackass donned a blue suit with a shiny arse and took control but  remember all you get is just enough to shut you up. And thinking about it, while you’re at it, why not go on strike too if you don’t like something? That way you can stir up a bit more misery and hardship for, and only for, your fellow peasants. Much easier to inflict suffering on a dog that is already chained and whipped  than to actually do something useful and make the master suffer. Phah! And anyway, after you’ve had your pathetic little strike and inconvenienced everyone you always end up capitulating anyway so just tell me what the point was. Stamping your little tootsies for a bit and then gulping down the handful of sugar pills they give to take the edge off your self-centered discomfort perpetuating the same circular zombie procession as always. We need something else and before anyone accuses me of actually being one, no we don’t need these iconic revolutionaries with their che guevara t-shirts, obelix trousers and birkenstocks reading their wholly conformist but oh-so anti-conformist newspapers and watching  the alternative news on-line sourced from the same new-agencies just like everybody else, bowing before just another class of media priesthood again just the same as everyone else.  We need radical change.

So vote me for dictator of Europe, you know it makes sense.

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