Monday, April 28, 2008

The Wisdom Of The council

In their infinite wisdom the council have at last started work on the playschool garden. All Autumn and winter and early spring when the kids don’t go out nothing gets done. Now the weather is getting better and the kids could go out onto the grass and play on the swings, there aren’t any. There’s no grass anymore either. No sand pit. Just mud and stones. They have one of those mini diggers and have just ploughed it all up. But of course they won’t just get on and do the job. No way. Our council? Do anything in a hurry? Don’t be absurd! They already started a couple of week ago, they just ripped up everything and nothing has yet been done. God I hate politicians with a venom that you wouldn’t believe. They just cannot do their jobs. Ignorant, incapable. Another thing I hate are diggers. If someone gave me the possibility of eliminating one thing from the face of the earth that today would be diggers. One imbecile with a digger (like my neighbour) can do more permanent damage in an hour than dozens of men with shovels and pickaxes in a week. What an existence.

So where are the kids going to play? If they’d done the work in the early spring, they could have planted the grass and by May it would have been useable. As it is now it’ll just become serviceable when the playschool closed for summer. Imbeciles. Of course, the shcool being run by the council they do not feel it necessary to consult the parents or even the teacher about anything. At one time the council was representative of the people. No longer. They do, we obey. They want, we provide. With all the millions of jobs to do (which they don’t do because they are perpetually out of pocket) they choose the playschool. If they’d left it as it was at least it was useable. But it’s no use getting hot under the collar. Nothing anyone can do about it. The council is a law unto itself.

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