Tuesday, May 27, 2008


There has been a large cloud over the Vignassa all day. I noticed it because it was a little more golden than clouds usually are. Behind the cloud, which didn’t move all day, was a sort of golden glow as though someone was having a party behind it. I kept my eye on it most of the morning especially as I espied a quick glimpse of movement behind it and at one point a brief double flash of what looked like binocular lenses. I mention this because all day this cloud, and others like it, though slightly less golden, has been dogging me. I go out to start work and the clouds start to drip rain, then when I am soaked to my undies, I come in, get dried off, change and have a cuppa. Then the sun comes out. So I drain my cup, and go out, at which point the rain, very very slight at first, starts. It gradually, almost imperceptibly increases until I am wet through to my undies again. Another cuppa, sun, slight drizzle increasing to moderate wet undies again. This has happened 5 times. I know that it happened fie times and not four because I have 5 pairs of knickers drying on the radiator. I shake my fist at the cloud and tell it to sod off.
After a day like this I decided to come in and write my blog and now the cloud has gone and taken all the others with it too so I’m off out again.

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Anonymous said...

That had me giggling, the higher beings have a nasty sense of humour sometimes lol I hope your dry now or if your damp again at least let it be in the bath for your daily health check lol