Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wet Bums and Scooters

Well I often wonder if an interesting life comes from what happens to you or whether it’s just your outlook on things. Well last night was interesting period - personal perspective or not.

So Wednesday nights is band practice night and Tuesday night she who licks faces had a temperature (39.5°C) so Wednesday I had to keep the car in case I had to take her to the doctors. She who clips ears went down to Turin on the scooter in the morning. Then I went down in the car in the evening took the bairn to the granny, left the car with Laura and came back on the bike. With a smiley parting the wife told me that her office had issued a red alert for the next 36 hours due to possible flooding with the added danger of the rivers bursting their banks but not a fig did I give.

Setting off at quarter to midnight the temperature was tropical and there was that uncomfortable degree of humidity that makes riding sticky. So I crossed the city with no problem, well apart from a few looks from prossies and dealers on street corners -must be my very cool yellow jacket and macho helmet and the sit up and beg BLUE scooter (Ugh, blue is the colour I hate most).

When I got to Pinerolo after about an hour it started to rain. Now rain is not a very descriptive word in itself. It implies varying degrees of water falling in droplets from the sky but is not very precise being too variable. This was a different sort of rain. A sort that really need a word of its own. Manly rain. This was rain out of your worst motorcycling nightmare. It was coming down so hard that the cars were stopped on the side of the road and the if you had been standing in , say a bus shelter (what, in italy?) and watching me pass by you’d have herd, fssssssch of the tyres on the tarmac, ppsssssch of the rain on the bike and on my beautiful yellow jacket and ow ai oh expletive ow aaarch due to the pain of the rain on my hands…and no other sound. The rain just dominated everything. It wasn’t cold in the slightest but the force of the water on my hands and legs was quite painful. In fact when I got home my legs were a vivid red and tender to the touch. It really was amazing. It was the first time in my life too that I have been splashed by one of these bastard audi drivers and not a foul word passed my lips nor a deathwishing thought entered my mind. So I endured another half an hour of this quite monotonous and uncomfortable trip (have you ever had water running round your hips and under your bum and up towards your willy at quarter to one in the morning?) till I got to the tarmac road up to the house. Going up was interesting to say the least and sometimes difficult negotiating the salmon leaping too and fro. Then there were all the frogs toads and salamanders (seriously) and rocks which had been washed down. But after slithering and sliding and avoiding falling and fallen branches and breek-fouling scared of the lightening (the only thing I am actually afraid of in life, apart from the wife of course) our intrepid hero did eventually make it, with three parts of his body dry: anything under the amazing yellow jackt was dry as were feet (most odd) and eyebrows. Removing jeans in bathroom (yes wife, bathroom! I did not get any other part of the house wet) was an unforgettable experience.

So about 7 o’clock this morning I was woken by the most torrential rain. Never seen anything like it. The only sounds are the splashing of water from the roofes and gutters, the hiss of it on the trees the boom and roar of the river and the thunder. Not even any birds.

So it is about 10.30 now and it is still going on as hard as ever. It’s got so dark that the lights which are tripped by the light sensor have come on. The roar is amazing and quite oppressive too and the wind has come up and the clouds have come down and everything is in a sort of end of the world turmoil. Quite amazing. We have water running off the hillside in muddy brown torrents. This is what causes al the damage, it just gets channeled in an washes everything away. I am really glad we don’t live down in the valley or near a torrent. But, any excuse to imitate my hero Christopher Robin and get me wellies on and me yellow jacket I’m off out to see what the damage is and film some of it. Bye for now.

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muireann04 said...

"(have you ever had water running round your hips and under your bum and up towards your willy at quarter to one in the morning?)"

Except for the willy bit, yes lol, Rob and I coming back from Ireland on the sv1000, torrential rain that was going across the road in waves, I ended up blowing the fuse in the hand dryer at service station, trying to dry my socks a bit. So we got rid of the SV and changed to GSX-r 1000, goes faster so the waves hit the cars instead of vice versa :p

Regarding your question on my blog, Pain Clinic is where they send people with chronic pain that the doctors can't figure out the best way to treat it, in my case morphine pills weren't working and my dortors is not allowed to prescribe anything stronger without pain clinics permission. The problem with Fibrmyalgia is that you look normal, no swelling no visible signs of pain, so hard for people to understand and therefore help so the easiest way to cope is block as much pain as possible and carry on, I think the pain clinic are going to try a machine that will block pain signals in my spine so they don't register with my brain. It's odd being classified as disabled but don't look it, see my profile pic on the valley to get what I mean, I was in agony in that pic, you learn to cope, there is always someone worse off. :)

Ps, your not the only one scared of lightening ;)