Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quiet, isn't it?!

Isn’t it terrible what wives and children do to you. I have always been a solitary person. I like my own company. I need my own company, I need silence. I’m never lonely. One of the happiest 6 weeks in my life were spent in the old house totally alone, with no TV and no visitors. Just me and the world, a full larder and a camp fire every evening. I’m not lonely now but Laura and the howler are spending the 2 nights down in Turin. Last night was OK. Tonight it feels weird. It’s too quiet!!! It’s unnatural... no noise. No nappies. I can do what I want! But what do I want to do? I’m spoilt for choice and can’t decide so end up doing nothing. Holy Slippers and pipe! - I’ve become a family man.

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