Thursday, May 29, 2008

So my neighbour came round to tell me that the two people still missing are Erica, who used to be our neighbour and her youngest child of only three. We were good friends at one time as well as neighbours until i argued with her ex-hubby. She moved away after she split up but we occasionally ran into each other every now and again in the local shops. Information is not very reliable but it seems they may still be buried under the rubble of their home that collapsed. What a shock. Erica's father-in-law was apparently the first victim.
Nothing much more to say really.

Apparently the rescuers have been digging by hand for more than five hours and are still going.


Anonymous said...

Nothing I can really say to that, sometimes words don't cover it. Virtual hugs is all I can offer.

Woozle said...

Thanks. Appreciate it. I'm just sitting her willing them to be found and zooming positive thoughts in. Not much else to do. It does seem a bit sick though to be writing a blog when all this is going on but better to do something than just sit and mope waiting for news.
Cheers Av

herneoakshield said...

Woozle, My thoughts are firmly with Erica and Hannik. I hope they are found quickly, and as unharmed as possible.

Woozle said...

Thanks herne, appeciate it. Fingers crossed.