Friday, May 30, 2008

No News Yet

This morning still no news of Erika and Annik.
It is at times like this when you are waiting for news that you realise just how incompetent journalists are. The ages of the people vary, the names vary, the times of the events vary, everything is fluid and variable. One particular imbecile Igor Staliano in his garbled and incoherent and totally amateurish report for the RAI (national TV) already gave Erika and Annick as dead!! The local news on the national channel was a joke. Now the name of the guy found in the car has changed and Erika's father in law keeps changing age. Obviously they don't train journalists as they did and any old moron will do.
So there is no definite news and no information available on the net, I imagine because everyone wants to sell so they won't make the info available about what is going on. Buy the paper. Just a bit difficult to get down from here. The only good thing to come out of people getting it wrong was the weather that the civil protection said was going to get worse but didn't (thank god), it just rained normally. They’ve asked for us to be declared a national disaster zone. But ehn they love doing that because it seems as if the government is doing something. It’s all about image and money. Pity they don’t start thinking about prevention. But then that is probably not cost effective. Sorry, I’m in a foul mood and starting to rant. So I’ll stop. But just to finish, journalists be ashamed, and sod off out of our valley if you can't do the job you're paid to do (sorry , i feel better now)

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