Friday, May 30, 2008

So they have found another body and though no official identification has been made it would appear to be Erika. Her wee'un has still not been found. What a sad couple of days. Puts a lot of things in the valley into perspective.
The helicopters are still going back and forth, one taking stuff over the river where everyone is cut off. The sun is out, the birds are singing and things start to get back to normal which makes the whole situation even sadder.
The digger was supposed to be coming today to attempt to get our bridge cleared but didn't come, the only neighbour who should have been down clearing up the mess he caused with his digger hasn't been seen, the other neighbour after half an hour faffing about with a spade went off because he had work to do leaving just me and Angelo to clear up so yes, everything is back to normal.
Life goes on as they say. The nice people in this world get taken and the worthless arrogant ones life full lives stomping over everyone else.

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