Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Disgusting TV journalists

TV journalists and presenters you disgust me.

You sicken me to the core. You do not deserve to be part of the human race.

Today the same journalists that were waving films and pictures about of dead bodies and open coffins following the earthquake yesterday and filming people as they wept over their dead relations or cried over their non-existent houses are today saying that this is a terrible way to behave and perhaps we should contain ourselves a little more to offer respect to those who are suffering. You’ve been saying this for years you hypocritical, lying, incompetent bastards. I hope you all rot in hell. Gutter press??? No way - sewer press.

I don’t watch the news but I wanted to find out what had happened and what was happening, that’s all, but I find no information, just a sort of perverted voyeurism just the same as always. Grief is the same worldwide there is no reason to keep showing it over and over and over and over again. Do your jobs you lousy poncing show-offs. Give us information without desperately trying to make an already tragic situation even more tragic. Your almost tangible excitement, almost sexual, like a teenager in front of a porno mag revolts me as does this false air of seriousness, professionalism and doing one’s duty by reporting the facts. Be honest. Behave like human beings. You are not the center of attention, the victims of the disaster are. You are disgusting.

One particularly sick reporter today held up a newspaper to the camera showing a front page picture of grieving woman hugging her relation’s coffin and kept saying that the place where this terrible photo was taken was just over there, just behind the camera and sorry we can’t show the place to you but anyway it’s just over there. What a sad, sad lot of people you are. All that was missing was for you to jump up and down with glee shouting ‘look! Look! over there, that’s where the photo was taken’. How you enjoy a good tragedy, the more sadness and death and blood and coffins there are the more excited you become. I despise you. You and all these insignificant, falsely commiserating presenters calling insignificant unheard of experts to spout their book-learnt wisdom parrot fashion, talking utter crap half the time but they too relishing in the tragedy just like the journalists.

But from sick bastards you expect only sordid sickness but what amazes me even more is the people willing to allow themselves to be interviewed. The question asked over and over again at ever disaster. ‘How do you feel now that you have lost your wife/child/house/existence?? Don’t the rescue workers who get pressed into being interviewed want to punch the shit out of these sick little journalists ‘cos I sure as hell do?

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Anonymous said...

I was angry too. Same questions asked 4 times on the same program, withnin the space of 30 minutes , " How long can a person survive under the rubble?" (well it depends, doesn't it!) and playing that soppy, tear -jerking music whilst showing images of the disaster. Filming a man weeping over a coffin, people being extracted from the rubble 'Live', people calling out the names of perhaps relatives in desperation, whilst searching under a huge pile of rubble..uughhh They're just VULTURES! The Pope asking us to pray more for these poor people, when the people are asking for more concrete help from the church, which I doubt they'll get!
A technician who predicted the magnitude of the eartquake in that zone was(is) to be sued for causing allarmism. He's not a seismologist. Experts say that it's impossible to predict an earthquake and it's magnitude. The journalists really went to town on this and we've had people going down onto the streets for 3 days in a row with each slight aftershock.