Monday, February 22, 2010

Bear Grylls must watch

I have been re-watching the various Bear Grylls series Man vs Wild and Survivorman etc. (different titles but basically they could have used the same one for all - the Bear Grylls show!!). I’m one of those imbeciles that actually got taken in by him and when I found out how much he had been lying I was so pissed off that I stopped watching. So why the change of heart? Well this time I’m watching the programmes in conjunction with wikibear
an excellent site which makes spotting the fakes, exaggerations, inaccuracies, lies, deceit and watching Bear’s excellent and comical acting skills all the more enjoyable.
He comes across as such an amazing poser, so full of himself it’s difficult to watch these films without laughing. But then that ìs what makes them so enjoyable. I quite like the man. He keeps telling you how amazingly dangerous, difficult and risky everything is and really is the uncoolest person I have ever seen on tv, so far up his own backside that  he would never really need to look for shelter or food. Big-headed? Man, that’s not even skimming the surface. I must admit however that even though I’m enjoying the general spectacle some things do just get on my nerves like his constantly talking about how much danger he’s in in that melodramatic secondary school drama class voice or just every so slightly going way over the top playing on the revulsion most people have for eating weird things or climbing into dead camels and deer for example. Oddly, personally, I have found very little revolting up to now but he does keep trying. Ever cleaned a public toilet Bear or worked in a hospital laundry? Some people do that every day and don’t even make a face. Then the way he eats with his mouth open (supposed to be ex-Eton!!!, remind me not to send my kids there) really winds me up. However the fun element of the programmes is still there and I thoroughly recommend watching in conjunction with the above site. That he gets air time is quite surreal in itself and I’m sure that if he had been working for anything else but a TV company (never of course known for their honesty in portraying events) he’d have been sacked and we’d never have heard of him again which  does makes it all the more fun.
If you’ve got time too, I thoroughly recommend reading the comments on his films on You Tube. They are truly better than the films themselves. People are soooooo gullible (and illiterate) hence the general state of the country I suppose.

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