Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Arrival

So baby has arrived at last, born Saturday morning, name of Robin (or so he says). Both he and mother are well. They got home from hospital today and being a generous bloke I will allow the wife a little time to rest tonight before sending her back out into the fields tomorrow.
Baby robin has the longest little finger I’ve ever seen so, if he tries really, really hard he might just be better than his dad at birls on the pipes. He has though shown little interest in piping so far. He squawks. If he survives the attentions of big sister Howler over the next week he will be able to survive anything.


Athena said...


Look! He's a natural smiler already...or is that a wee hint of a wicked smirk?

Howler and Squawker! Them's good names. ;)

Woozle said...

It's a wicked smirk - that's him thinking 'boy am i gonna make him suffer!!'

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh Ian - knew I'd see Robin here before a visit - we are better but in a mess until after Tues, but promise to come and see you all asap. Not sure if you're escaping into the mountains or Laura is sending you away for days on end...hmmm! Love to you all, Mol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx