Wednesday, March 10, 2010

bye bye facebook

Yay!!! Finally I have managed to delete my facebook (spit spit) account. How I managed is still a mystery because I've spent the last year on and off writing in 'delete account', 'cancel account' etc. This time though I evidently found the right page. Yipeee!!! Hated the bloody thing. You need to have a basic understanding of people's minds to be able to keep up with all the shit on it and I never did figure it out.Can't say I really figured out even what the thing was for. I mean, what does it do?
So to all of you on there who are my real life friends, Claudio, Helen etc. sorry, but as you noticed I never used the bleedin' thing anyway and they just kept sending me message after message after message after message after message after... etc. To all of you others who I have never heard of who kept asking me for friendship. GET A FRIGGIN' LIFE MAN, Really, you can do it!! Go for a walk or something.Go out. Go pester someone you do know. I'm off.
Jeez I feel a whole lot lighter.


Athena said...

Facebook does contain a lot of crap like most things, but I think that it's also a good way to see how your friends are doing and what they are up to. It sort of saves you time from writing an email. A silly comment may brighten-up someone's day when they're feel naff and it let's them know that you're thinking about them.
Some days you just want to fill your brain with 'mince' and you can sit for hours playing with those mind-mincing applications.
I found some old school friends on there and that was interesting but shortlived. Everyone seems to have numerous job titles that I don't understand !
So, I can't interest you in setting-up a virtual Farm then? ;)

Hendrik Morkel said...

Good decision. Never have been on FB and never will be. Here an extremely amusing episode of South Park, dealing with FB: