Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yes, a long adventuresome climb; agreed stunning summits and perfect views, definitely high mountains and far off places but sometimes it’s just nice to go somewhere very loca,l which is what we did today. We’ve been having hot wind and sun recently, rain and snow last weekend and the avalanche warning was on ‘considerable’ and snow forecast over 1,000m so any thoughts of going anywhere with a view went out the window. So we plumped for a crag on the other side of the valley as Baldrick had never been there. It turned out to be quite a climb in horrible crusty-slushy snow too up to the Boudet  Crag (again) where we stopped for a break  and a photo or two and then on up to 1,200 just below  the Berra Crag; a pleasant 500m height gain with snowshoes. We didn’t go right to the top as there are the TV/radio bridge and repeater antennas up there and we didn’t feel like frying out brains so we had a cuppa standing up and went back down for lunch at home (very sensible). The dog looked exhausted but then the stupid thing doesn’t stop running about and in snow that was deeper then her legs are long she spent most of the time diving like a dolphin. Even when you stop after a couple of hours the first thing she does is find the biggest stick she can for you to throw.
The weather was nicely reminiscent of some of the milder Scottish weather with horizontal driven snow and wonderful temperatures. I’m always happiest if I can walk comfortably in fleeces and jacket and hat. I find the heat intimidating but not the cold. Give me gale force winds and snow any day over high temperatures and blazing sunshine. Baldrick, from hereon know as ‘Flatland Baldrick’ because I’ve discovered his house if 50 meters lower than mine, tends not to agree though. Mediterranean types! Baa!  But he’s one of the most adaptable people I have met though and as usual just gets on with it, unlike me who is a born whinger and will happily moan about anything.
The dog knackered herself so much she hasn’t woken up yet, though she still seems to be breathing.
Getting her in the car before and after a walk is always a nightmare and she gets as low to the ground as she can, cowering and I have to pick her up bodily and dump her in the boot. Poor mite. After a wet walk the prize of that wonderful fresh smell you get on your clothes was instantly replaced instead back at the car by wet dog smell which despite a bath and some pizza flavoured crisps I still have in my nose.

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