Sunday, April 18, 2010


God bless Icelandic volcanoes. May the fiery heart of Eyjafjallajökull continue to pump ash into the skies for weeks to come. Last night and this morning not a single vapour trail in the sky to ruin the canvass, no contrail induced cloud formations to weaken the sun, no noise, no flashing lights passing across the silent night sky. Amazing. Where do I sign? I hope this will continue at least until I get up high to be able to take some photos. In fact let’s hope that the ash feels so at home in the atmosphere that it refuses to fall out and stays there for a few centuries zooming around the upper atmosphere where the planes would otherwise fly.
Of course it can’t be nice for the Icelanders themselves what with the glacier melt and floods and stuff but at a European level I really can’t think of anything negative about this situation at all quite the contrary.
What a wonderful world a world without planes would be.

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