Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Minus 2 degrees centigrade

I’ve decided that the winter temperature I like most is somewhere around minus 2. I am now going to get a t-shirt with this printed on it. “I love somewhere around minus two”. I mean, people have ‘I love’ combined with just about anything so why not minus two? A while back there was a sticker floating around the piping community, I love Bflat (Highland Pipes play in Bflat) which makes about as much sense as saying I love Csharp or G. Why not just say, I love highland bagpipes?  Some  people, completely beyond my understanding even have things like I love New York adorning their clothes. Wow! How the hell can you love a city? That would be like saying I love hull or hastings or something. Even weirder people have I love + various car components like brake linings or radios. I love Bosch. Seriously weird. Still others have I love + plus a random and changeable array of illiterate sporty types earning vast amounts of money kicking a ball about a field (which has got to be the weirdest). But anyway, if people can express their love for a bunch of cement and bricks or mass produced electrical circuitry I can express mine for a temperature. Minus two is not so cold to make a thick jacket a necessity but cold enough to require a hat to warm the balding pate. Warm enough to work comfortably but not too warm that you sweat. An ideal temperature if you have to work outside in the winter and deserving of a T-shirt or a sticker all of its own I feel.

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