Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Garmont Towerlite GTX

It’s nice to be able to say something nice about a company so I’m happily taking this opportunity to do just that.
In May last year I bought a pair of Garmont Towerlite GTX boots. It wasn’t difficult to choose them because, in the shop, the moment I had them on my feet they bonded to me. I have had a pair of Garmont boots for over 8 years which have been more than excellent (though I only realised they were Garmont as well after buying the new pair) and have resisted severe mistreatment well including my using them for building work too. So I had high hopes for the new boots and I wasn’t disappointed as they proved to be rugged, exceedingly comfortable and light. I hiked up and down alps in them for 10 months but always (lucky me) in dry weather except for a few trips on dry powder snow with the snowshoes this winter. Sure, in the summer I splashed in a couple of puddles and dashed across the occasional stream but I never got them really wet. It wasn’t until a more recent trip on wet, melting snow that I noticed my right sock was wet. My foot was perfectly warm, just soggy. On a subsequent trip the situation was worse. I thought I’d better get them repaired so I took the boots back to the shop, explained the problem saying that I bought them 10 months ago and even before I had asked whether they could repair them, they had bundled them up to send them off to Garmont. I waited a month and today walked out of the shop with a brand new pair of Towerlites. No questions asked, no need for receipts. Our fault, defective product, total substitution. Amazing. OK the product had a defect but after 10 months use most companies would probably have refused to take them back. That is what I call a serious company and If I ever buy another pair of boots it will be Garmont again.

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