Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trip to Colletta delle Faure

View from Colletta delle Faure
Excellent trip today up to Colletta delle Faure (Blacksmith’s Pass according to Avanzini). Not  that high up, it’s only 2,100m, but quite spectacular. The whole trip was characterised by falcons and buzzards and eagles, most looking down on them as they wheeled below. I’m not sure what the falcons were but there were dozens of them, all the same fawn colouring, literally, all over the place but in different places to the buzzards of which there were  three groups of three or four. Most interesting though was what looked like a gathering of short-toed eagles  but so far away it was difficult to see I counted 19 of those. Absolutely amazing.
Three hour hike up but I went a little way along towards the shieling and cut up along a narrow path, round the back way as it were which was much quicker so had I gone the usual way I’d have taken maybe a quarter of an hour more than the official time which for barefeet is pretty good going.
 I thought I’d spend some time there but unfortunately in about 10 minutes it went from crystal clear skies to dark menacing, heavy clouds. It’s very open so I put me shoesis on me footsies and legged it down in an hour and a quarter. Not must to report, just a lovely trip.

Another interminable road
but nice for the feet
Conca del Pra

Back road to the Faure
view towards Col Giulian

reason for the quick descent

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