Friday, August 17, 2012

Well Done Ecuador

Holy shit this story about Asange is disgusting. Well done Ecuador. Apart from the moronic flag waving, tabloid reading  inhabitants of the newly renamed Banana Republic of britain or the Kleptocratic States of a-mer-ri-ka or pathetic little non-entity like sweden, nobody really believes these charges against Asange do they? Bit of a bloody coincidence really, aren’t they? Just THE perfect excuse to get the poor guy extradited to the u.s. for a bit of american injustice via, probably, kangaroo court and lethal injection.
I’m really getting fed up with hearing about the so-called freedoms enjoyed in these completely out of control countries who’s patriotic inhabitants keep shouting loudly and incessantly about them, going on an on about how free they are but who actually, as is really plain for anyone on the outside to see, already have far less freedom than most other countries in the first world. Usual thing, those who actually have freedom don’t tend to keep going on about it. Like all this rampant patriotism, usually the sign of a worthless state, the more nasty the state becomes, the more people have to convince themselves it’s actually wonderful, the best, and the more therefore, they wave the flags like crazy. The number of flags of course being in direct relation to the crapiness of the country and the unthinkingness of the populace. I never did really believe in the Greatness of the Banana Republic of britain and especially not the Kleptocratic States of America but now, they truly have exceeded all decency, eroding everything that made them (at least) respected in the world.  Put to shame by little Ecuador. I’m sure Ecuador has its problems but at least, at least two people in their government can distinguish between right and wrong. So again, well done Ecuador.

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